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We advise issuers and underwriters in, public, private, debt and equity offerings, in relation to transactions in domestic and international markets, including bonds (certificados bursátiles), shares and other securities.

We also advise companies regarding the compliance of their obligations applicable as security issuers.
We advise individuals and companies, including financial institutions, in connection with the granting, structuring and restructuring of all types of loans, as well as the granting and formalization of guarantees.
We advise buyers, sellers, private equity funds, listed and non-listed corporations, in relation to all types of acquisitions of companies and their assets, co-investments, joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and spin-offs, as well as foreign investment and antitrust issues with respect to all types of companies, including financial institutions and regulated activities.
We advise public and private companies, as well as their shareholders and investors in relation to the protection of their interests as well as in the design, operation and administration of their governing bodies, such as shareholders meetings, boards of directors and committees in general, including audit committees of listed companies. In relation thereto, we act as Secretary of the board of directors of several public and private companies, including financial institutions.

We also advise in relation with corporate restructurings and the development of self-regulatory policies, bylaws and shareholder agreements.
We advise developers and investors in general in relation to the legal and regulatory aspects of the commercial, tourism and industrial real estate sectors, as well as in the acquisition, sale, lease and granting of rights with respect to real estate; the development, financing, management and operation of real estate projects and the creation of condominium property regimes, fractional ownership and timeshares.
We advise our Clients in connection with the acquisition, sale, leasing and financing of all types of aircraft. We have also participated in co-investments among companies in the aviation sector, including the largest commercial airline maintenance base in Mexico.
We represent our Clients in civil and mercantile litigation matters before local and federal courts. We have broad experience in litigating financial, real estate, corporate, insurance, bonds, administrative and amparo procedures (habeas corpus).

Also, we have represented Clients in numerous alternate dispute resolution procedures, particularly in arbitration procedures before several institutes for administered arbitration both in Mexico and abroad.
We represent our Clients in bankruptcy trials, acting in representation of both creditors and debtors. We are convinced that the timely planning of a strategic bankruptcy proceeding allows our Clients to achieve their desired goals with greater certainty, optimizing the results in the conciliation or bankruptcy stages. The experience that we have had in such proceedings includes bankruptcy and suspension of payment procedures, carried out under the previous law, which was substituted by the Concursos Mercantiles Law.
We advise banks, broker-dealers, multiple purpose financial corporations (sociedades financieras de objeto múltiple, SOFOMs) and public and private funds, in relation to regulatory aspects of their operations, including authorizations by governmental agencies.